How We Handle Being a Saver Married to a Spender

How We Handle Being a Saver Married to a Spender

When two adults come together in marriage there’s bound to be some kinks that need to be worked out.There are sometimes situations that arise that you don’t realize will be a problem until they happen. Even though I 100% believe you should discuss finances before marriage, life happens and reality can be a little differentRead more

Small Details You Need to Find Out Before Making an Offer on a House

Small Details You Need to Find Out Before Making An Offer On a House

When it comes to doing something new I’m obsessive. Buying a house was no exception. I read everything I could find about buying a house- from blogs to professional opinion articles. Anything. Most have the same advise and focus heavily on either physical attributes of the house or general traits about the neighborhood like schoolsRead more

Making the Most Out of Holidays When Going Home Isn’t an Option

Making the most out of not going home for the holidays

The holidays are officially in full swing and this will be the fifth holiday season my husband and I will be spending alone. The season makes it tougher than most to fight back homesickness. Everyone talks about their plans of big family dinners and activities, but when you haven’t seen your family in years itRead more

Our Experience with Fannie Mae’s Homestyle Loan

Our Experience with Fannie Mae Homestyle Loan

Are you considering buying your first house? There’s so much to learn. It’s insanely overwhelming. When we set out on our journey to home ownership I researched every mortgage program I could find. First time home buyer programs on the state and federal level, regular mortgage programs, and rehab loans. A rehab loan is aRead more