My Cross Country Crazy Move for Love

My Cross Country Crazy Move for Love

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I am a very rational person, but some times you just meet someone who you click with and you decide to for once in your life throw all caution to the wind and make a crazy decision.

My story here is by far the craziest thing that I have ever done. It is also what has shaped the beginning of my adult years.

I met my husband in college, where he likes to joke I was getting my MRS. degree.

We vaguely knew of each other for almost an entire school year. He smiled and lightly flirted, I admired his afro and we went on not knowing each other’s names.

In the last quarter of his senior year we had another class together. He poked fun at me getting food at a “freshman” eatery on campus and the romance was alive.

He never having had a girlfriend had given up the idea of finding one in college at this point. It was a month till graduation and here I was! But we had a problem. He had been accepted and had agreed to move to NY shortly after graduation to attend graduate school well before our relationship started.

We decided, after agreeing that our intentions for dating would be to get married, that we would continue our relationship for the next year long distance while I finished college. At the end of this period, I would move to NY to join him.

Being in a long distance relationship is rough. We texted nonstop everyday. Had Skype sessions. Once he even bought me his favorite video games so we could play together.

Towards the end of our year of separation it was time to make the final decision on the move.

Before I bought the plane ticket I asked him if his intentions for this relationship were still marriage. He said yes and it was official! I was going to embark on a scary journey into the uncontrollable unknown.

2,500 miles away from all of my family and friends.

When I flew into NY I was supposed to take a cab from the airport to his apartment. He was a broke grad student with no car and we didn’t want to have both of us paying a bunch of cab fare.

It was 10:00PM, I just had a long day of goodbyes and flights (some crying on take offs and landings) and I was just ready to get some food and go to sleep.

I was heading down the escalator towards the baggage return and I saw a guy holding a bouquet of flowers and a sign that said “My One True Love”- all dressed up and fresh shaven. He kind of looked familiar, but also like a stranger. I feel bad admitting that I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that it was him.

A huge smile broke out on his face when he saw me. I had found out that he had walked from the bus stop all the way to the airport in areas he wasn’t even sure were legal for him to walk- so he could surprise me.

I knew I made the right choice.

My Cross Country Move for Love

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