7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Eloping

Why you should Elope

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Weddings are huge deals. You need your venue, officiant, caterer, photographer, decorations, wedding party. There are so many moving parts, it takes so much money, and creates too much stress. All for one day. Ever think it would be better to get married away from all of that? Me too.

We eloped and it was so much better than anything I could have planned for a full wedding. Even my husband raves about it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider eloping instead of a wedding.

Reasons to Elope
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It’s so much cheaper!

The wedding industry works really hard at creating the fairy tale wedding image. You only get this one day that’s all about you. It’s encouraged that you spend upwards of thousands of dollars to pull this day together.

Couples even take out loans to pay for the whole thing. The average wedding cost in 2017 is estimated to be around $25,000.

We spent around $1,250 for a long weekend trip around Vermont basically taking a mini honeymoon in the process. This included:

  • My dress and shoes (From Modcloth! Seriously gorgeous clothes and shoes here guys!)
  • My Husband’s outfit- Dress shirt, pants, suspenders, shoes
  • Hotel rooms for three nights in two different cities
  • Rental car for the whole weekend
  • Officiant
  • Photographer (Definitely recommend hiring one to show off your big day)
  • Location of ceremony
  • A nice dinner and a bottle of champagne (were thrown in with our reservation)
  • Our wedding rings

Wedding Rings

This worked for us because we could afford it all out of pocket without too much strain. A wedding is not something to logically go into debt over. Save the money you would have spent throwing an extravagant party for your family on something for you future- Like a house!

It’s your day (For Real!)

Brides are so busy at their weddings- greeting guests, taking pictures, all of the traditional blah blah blah. They sometimes don’t even get the chance to eat the food they spent so much on!

That’s a day for your wedding guests not you.

When you elope you really can do whatever you want. We had our ceremony, took our pictures, and then explored the beautiful Vermont countryside before heading to dinner.

It’s much more intimate

I’m shy. I don’t like people looking at me. Talking in front of crowds freaks me out, even if they are my own family and friends. I couldn’t even wrap my head around dancing in front of a room full of people or saying my personal vows for others to hear. It’s great for a bride who just wants to share these special moments with her groom.

Why You Should Elope

Destination wedding anyone?

Who doesn’t like a good excuse to take a trip? I looked up several different spots looking around for good elopement packages. Wanna get married on the beach, in the woods, in another country? Go for it!

When your ceremony is this small the sky’s the limit when it comes to location. You can do something so unique. I came across a ceremony in a hot air balloon over Niagara Falls during my research. How cool is that?!

Minimal planning

If you don’t want to plan out every little detail of your big day, a lot of independent hotels offer packages that offer an officiant, a couple nights at their hotel, sometimes dinner, cake, champagne, photography.

Find the one that includes what you want in your budget to avoid extensive planning.

I had originally sought out to plan it all by myself, and that’s definitely still a much less stressful time than planning a wedding, but when I came across the packages I felt a lot more at ease with everything.

Avoid invitation weirdness

Maybe you don’t want everyone and their mom at your wedding, but will feel obligated because of family.

Elope with just the two of you or just invite parents and siblings.

After you’re man and wife, either announce your secret wedding or hold a small reception for any family and friends who would have wanted to be there. This will still save money while hopefully not ruffling too many feathers.

I was so excited I announced our to be wedding on Facebook about an hour or two before our ceremony. We had an out pour of support from our friends and family and it was really nice to be getting married knowing everyone was cheering for us.

After we received our wedding pictures back I designed announcement cards on Vistaprint to send out to all who would want physical pictures of the wedding. You could also find pretty announcements on Creative Market and Etsy depending on the style you’re looking for.


It’s extra special

Everyone’s wedding day is special. I’m not discounting anyone’s experience here. I’m just super biased.

Because of all of the reasons listed above- eloping is extra special. It’s a relaxing, beautiful, one on one experience.

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Eloping

  1. Girl! If I could have eloped I would have. I’m an introvert and my husband is not! He just had to have a wedding. I also felt pressure from my family to have a wedding. I’m pretty sure my mom planned my wedding so I would have one! We had a great 1 year anniversary trip just for us though!

    1. I had the added benefit of being across the country from my parents, so while they would have loved to have been there they would’ve had to pay for plane tickets in addition to a wedding we couldn’t afford.
      Luckily they paid for our photographer, so my mom could at least feel like she was there.
      I think eloping is great when both you and your husband are on board.

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