New England Day Trip: Yankee Candle Village

New England Day Trip: Yankee Candle Village

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What I love most about living in New England is the fact that there are so many things to do in such a short distance.

Yankee Candle Village is a HUGE beautiful Yankee Candle store located in South Deerfield, MA. And they have more than just candles!

In the spirit of Christmas, my husband and I decided to take a morning trip out to Yankee Candle Village to pick up our annual Christmas ornament. Last year we went for the first time and spent about 2 hours walking through the whole place looking at everything with the use of the map they hand out at the front door.

There’s several places to enter, but the side I find has the easiest parking available opens to a brightly lit space filled with items for a kitchen. We like to walk the place like a circle, so we turn to the left and walk first through a kids area.

Day Trip to Yankee Candle Village

The first room is filled with candy- Even my husband’s eyes go big walking through. This opens into this lovely toy room and Santa’s Workshop. It’s hard not to be filled with childlike wonder in the room filled with toys, board games, and puzzles. Definitely a cool place to find unique Christmas presents.

Yankee Candle Village Day Trip

My husband’s favorite area is their Bavarian Village. He’s a big fan of German anything, so this room won him over. They sell all sorts of mugs and beer steins in this room along with knight in armor statues and of course candles to follow theme.

This flows nicely in to a dimly lit room filled with dragon figurines and waterfalls before leading into the main Christmas area.

If you’re looking for ornaments, decorations, or Christmas village pieces, this is a really fun place to find an extensive variety.

Yankee Candle VillageYankee Candle VillageYankee Candle Village

We have yet to put up and decorate a tree in our house in all of our time together, but we have been collecting an ornament each year with the year on it and that it hopefully describes something that happened to us that year. Yankee Candle Village has become one of our favorite places to get these ornaments. Last year we got one of a house with two people sticking their heads out the windows. They offer free personalization, so we had them write the year on it.

People with families can find this area has ornaments perfect for getting everyone’s name added for something extra special. I’m excited to get a cute baby one when the time comes.

The store is fun for all seasons regardless of the Christmas theme in a couple of the rooms.

The first time we went was during the fall. They had a scavenger hunt going on for the kids. This time they had Santa there for pictures. There’s an event calendar available on their website if you’re interested in attending something special or if you’re like me and would rather avoid the times when it is going to be more busy than usual.

Yankee Candle Village

If you’re looking for an interactive experience, they offer a center where you can create your own candles. Here there are several options. You can make a wax model of your hand, dip a creature, or pull together a jar candle of your choice. I can’t speak to everyday, but both times we went this area was active but not active enough to mean you’d have to wait forever to start the fun.

Maybe a little ironically because I do enjoy looking through this place, but I’m not actually a big candle person. I’ve got a weird quirk about open flames. This is the only reason we have yet to enjoy making our own candle.

The rest of this room is filled with every candle scent imaginable in various sizes. They have a center here to put your own picture onto a candle jar. I thought it might be romantic to pick out an autumn scent and get our wedding picture added.

Yankee Candle Village

After all of the walking, browsing, and shopping you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they have various food counters. An Au Bon Pain, a popcorn shop, a fudge shop, and a Ben and Jerry’s all located in a food court like area filled with tables and chairs and a stage with an animatronic band playing.

New England Day Trip: Yankee Candle Village

My tip to avoid the biggest crowds and have an easier time parking is get to there as soon after opening as you can manage.

We’ve arrived close to opening both times and have found decent spots. We also have had a very quick time checking out. The parking lot fills up quite a lot in the few hours after open and they often have buses filled with tourists coming by.

Yankee Candle Village is a fun place where people of all ages and varying interests would be able to find something to be excited about.


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