House Goals for 2019

House Goals for 2019

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As the year is coming to an end we are feeling a little bummed by the progress (or lack of progress) we have made on the house this year. When we moved in last July we had grand hopes. Quickly running into hurdle after hurdle.

I am desperate for a room to be done. Just one room is all I ask!

We are close on some projects while others feel so far away. I thought I would take the opportunity of the new year to write out a list of things I hope to get done by the end of the new year!

House Goals for 2019

Finish the Bedroom

This is going to include:

  • Hiring an electrician to come out and install the proper wiring for hanging our brand new white ceiling fan and removing the weird circuit in the corner that was installed through the flooring
  • Finally installing the new laminate wood flooring we bought over a year ago (and PRAY we have enough)
  • The fun part- New bedroom furniture! I’m looking forward to having a room that’s actually been matched together and bought intentionally instead of the rag tag group of sparse furnishings we have been getting by with for the last couple of years.

House Goals 2019

Living Room Ceiling

This year we rang in the New Year with freezing temperatures, no water, then burst pipes. We’ve been living with this delightful hole in our ceiling for nearly a year now and I want it fixed. We’ve been cursed with a house of paneling, ceiling tiles, and horrible renovation work of decades past.

Our plan is to tear down the ceiling tiles and the second layer of plaster ceiling and then get new lighting installed for the whole room.

House Goals 2019

Heating System

Doing the ceiling in the living room as well as finishing our bedroom will allow us to try to get the heating system replaced.

This one is more of a “hope we can” than a set goal.

Our state has a 0 interest loan available for heating upgrades in an effort to make houses more energy efficient. In order to get this loan you have to have them come out and do an energy audit on your house.

I want the house to be more ready to have a new heating system installed before having this audit done. Plus I’m super embarrassed by the large hole in the ceiling and don’t want anyone coming over to see the mess.

If We Have the Time and the Money

By some miracle, if we have the extra funds to do a couple more projects we are not short on tasks.

Garage Door

I would LOVE to be able to park in the garage next winter. This is a pricey one (we were once quoted $4,000 for the size we needed), but we haven’t shopped around.

My husband also needs to have an electrician come out to install better lighting and new outlets into the garage for the beginnings of a wood shop. While he is here doing that I want to make sure we have the correct power source set up for an opener.


I know this on is highly unlikely, but we’ve been without an oven since we moved in. Figuring out some way to rework that area of the kitchen and bring in our range that we brought from our old apartment would be wonderful.

What house projects will you be working on this year? Let me know in the comments below!

House Goals for 2019
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2 thoughts on “House Goals for 2019

  1. Slow and steady wins the race! My home is 100+ years old and I love it, but the upgrades have been taking a while as we pay for everything in cash. As you can imagine, 5 years in, and it’s looking a lot better, but a long ways to go still! We hope to get our kitchen backsplash up this year, some new temporary laminate countertops until we get Quartz in another year or two, updated bathroom with toilet, flooring and vanity, and updating the based moulding with some crisp white paint!

    1. Everything takes so much more time and money than you expect! We went to install a new ceiling fan in the bedroom and found that the connection for the previous one wasn’t really up to code. Roadblock. We’re almost 2 years in and don’t have anything we wanted done before move in done. Ugh!
      Best of luck to you in your renovations!

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