3rd Month Blogging Update

My third month blogging update

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Hey guys! I have officially been blogging for 3 months now! Yay! This journey has been going better than expected. I had my doubts in starting up: who would care about what I had to say, I was going to run out of content, it was going to be a huge waste of money, I’d get bored after a month and quit.

So far none of those things are true! Thank goodness!

You can read how and why I started in my 1st month update here.

Income and Expenses

3 months in and I have yet to spend anymore on my blog. I have no month to month expenses at the moment and got everything set up how I wanted during month 1! I’m still only $100 in the hole.

As for how much I have made.. So far my Google Adsense total is up to $2.18. I know this isn’t going to be a high income source, but for the time being I like racking up a little bit here and there. As you can see with a look around my blog, I don’t utilize many ads. When I visit others blogs I don’t enjoy having to click away all of the ads that pop up from the bottom, so I wanted mine to be minimal.

I have been utilizing affiliate banners, but so far have yet to make a sale through those.

My content is about relationships, being good with money, and our home renovations. None of these topics have yet to really present many opportunities to sell like other bloggers have. Plus I can’t in good conscious encourage people to spend money they don’t need to be spending.

Social Media


Facebook stayed the same. I don’t participate in any blog groups or anything further than posting my new links, so that my friends and family have an easy way to keep up with my blog without being annoying on my personal profile.
I don’t really intend to try to expand this pool of people. If Facebook is a way you would like to follow my blog progress- you can find my page here.


During the first month I really enjoyed getting plugged into Twitter and meeting new people there. Most of my views while getting started came from Twitter. However shortly after the first month I stopped engaging as much and stopped posting my new posts everywhere.

Currently I have about 400 followers (keeps jumping back and forth over the line), but whenever I post something hardly anyone ever sees it.

I stepped back because for me chatting on social media is requires a lot of effort and I wasn’t seeing many results from my effort.


Oh Pinterest my life. Without Pinterest I would have no traffic at all. I know it’s not great to have all of my eggs in one basket, but when something works this well I have to put my energy in it.

I’ve grown my monthly views steadily and it currently sits at 296K and goes up almost every day.

All of this is from manually pinning. I don’t pay for the use of a scheduler yet and I don’t participate in group boards. I also haven’t paid to take any courses. My growth here is all me!

Some interest was expressed in the past that I share what I do with Pinterest and I plan to write a post sharing soon! Find it here!

My 3rd Month Blogging Update
Pin Me!


About mid-December, I started perfecting my Pinterest strategy and started seeing a spike of traffic to my blog. I had 2 back to back posts that become seriously popular and started to be the major traffic earner for me. Ever since these kicked off a couple of my older posts started getting spread around more than they had been. I think I proved to Pinterest that I had content people liked.

How We Handle Being a Saver Married to a Spender

House Goals 2019

Shortly after my traffic began to rise, I realized people weren’t sticking around and looking at the other things I had to offer. I added two things to improve this and so far it have helped a lot!

I added a related to section at the bottom of each post and a popular posts section to my sidebar.


I’ve definitely been monitoring where the traffic is going when determining which topics to focus on in the future. I write about whatever I want, but because I’m trying to not just write for me focusing on my most popular topics will help me in the future.

Basically that means there will be more relationship posts than I thought I’d be writing when I started my blog. And I really have to get on top of our house renovations to give me some more content in that area.

My blogging schedule is to produce one post a week on Sundays. I have less content than many others do at their 3 month mark because of this and while it might slow me down from growing as fast as I could be, this is what works for me.

I also have adopted a general look to my blog graphics since the end of month one and have been staying consistent in producing them in the same way. This means I need to go back and change the graphics of my first few posts when I get some time.


I have one goal as I continue my journey and that is SEO! While Pinterest is a great way to get traffic, I would really like to work more on optimizing my content to get me found on Google. Google is still my top place to search for answers on many topics and I assume many people are the same. So far I have found one of my posts on the front page of Google because it is such a small niche thing (looking at you Homestyle Loan post), I’d love to have more widely searched for topics start gaining traction from Google.

Looking to start your own blog?

When I was thinking about starting a blog I liked reading up all of the posts I could find about people’s blogging journeys. Overall you get the feeling like blogging is going to be incredibly difficult. WordPress is easier to figure out than they make it sound. Pinterest is not this impossible unachievable thing. You don’t have to buy anything more than you want or can afford. Personally, I don’t want to spend more money until I have more in place here to earn it back.

If you are wanting to do it, do it!

My Blogging Resources


I use GreenGeeks for my hosting service. So far so good! Free SSL, getting it implemented every 3 months is super easy with a quick message into the customer service.

They even gave me a free upgrade in my site storage last week out of the blue! And it’s the same price as every other blogging service. They’ll give you a free domain name when you register or you can purchase one elsewhere. And if you’re with another hosting service and you’re looking to switch, I believe they offer free site transfers.

Extra bonus- You can get a cute little green site badge that you can find in my sidebar because they are eco-friendly!


Since I wanted to have more control over my domain name, I chose to purchase my domain name separately from my hosting. This is really cheap and easy to do. Namecheap throws in free WhoisGuard security on your domain name- meaning people won’t be able to link your domain name to your name and address. If you need to purchase additional SSL Namecheap has that available as well!

Both services offer extensive guides to getting things set up with them, so if you have a question you should be able to figure out the answer quickly on your own. I’m all about learning the tech stuff myself where possible.

If you’re interested in following my blog journey, you can find me on Facebook or Twitter. Or join my monthly newsletter below!

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2 thoughts on “3rd Month Blogging Update

  1. Awesome progress so far! I bet as your blog grows so will the possibilities to sell your niches! I know that I could always use some relationship help 😁 keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! I sure hope more possibilities present themselves. I definitely am wanting to do more relationship posts, figuring out specific topics to discuss can be the trickiest part for me!

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