Doubts And Perks Of Starting A Blog As An Introvert

Starting a Blog as an Introvert

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Are you an introvert thinking about starting a blog? You’re in good company.

I am incredibly shy around people I don’t know and will rarely speak up in a group of people. Online has never felt like an oasis to open my mind up to the world either because I still feel like the socially awkward tag-along friend.

When I decided to start a blog I had been reading post after post of all of the potentials blogging could bring to my life, I was obsessed with reading income reports. I thought it would be cool to be able to build something I could do from the comfort of my home that would provide supplemental income for when we made the transition to a one income household. This was enough for me to take the plunge and carve out my own piece of the internet.

But there were a lot of doubts.

My life isn’t photogenic. I don’t have a beautiful interior to photographic with props, heck I don’t even feel very pretty much of the time- not much of a selfie person. My personal Facebook page is barely posted to unless I have something going on. My personal Instagram is all but abandoned. I didn’t even have a Twitter.

If I couldn’t live this beautiful life everyone else online seems to be, how in the world would I have a blog that was enough to make anyone interested in what I was saying.

How would I promote my content with any confidence when I feel so weird conversing with people online?

The startup for doing this thing isn’t free and it all takes a lot of time and work. If I didn’t like it or I wasn’t succeeding would it all be a waste?

I found that joining the blogging world brought on surprises that I hadn’t anticipated.

If you’re the kind of introvert that blossoms behind the computer screen, this is perfect for you!

If you’re not (like me!), it takes a lot more work but there are still some things that can be gained.

I only have a few close friends in real life. These friends have been established for at least a decade, but now that we’re adults we all live far away from each other and don’t get to make many visits. I’ve found it’s incredibly hard to make new friends in the adult world which causes me to feel lonely. Having connections with others and having an outlet for my thoughts and life stories is still something I needed, but I wasn’t sure how to get it.

Blogging has really helped me feel less alone.

Many have said it, but getting hooked into the blogging community is incredible.

Twitter has been my number one source for this. There’s a group of ladies I like to follow who genuinely just support one another.

You have doubts about your abilities? Other bloggers are there to tell you you’re doing awesome. Have a question? They have answers.

It’s nice to a place online that can feel pretty safe. Not to say there aren’t mean girl bloggers out there, but I think it’s pretty easy to shift the nice ones from the rest.

I really enjoy the connection to others. Here I am on Twitter and Facebook if you want to get connected with me as well.

Social Media and Driving Traffic

As a blogger you’re encouraged to have several different social media platforms open, active, and engaged. After all you have to network to be successful, right?

Social media is hard work for me. It’s exhausting.

My tweets aren’t full of emojis and super enthusiastic. It’s a struggle for me to get to that place. Chatting with others, reading and commenting on their work, and forming relationships is how you gain readers on Twitter. But because of the nature of Twitter, you have to be present and engaged constantly to get any clicks. After the first month of blogging, I took a step back from Twitter because the results were just too hard for me to see. For all of the time and personal energy I put into trying to stay relevant to these people I just met, I’d gain followers but not clicks. I realized I didn’t want to drain myself over a follower number that meant nothing if it wasn’t pulling traffic.

Now I occasionally go on and try to interact the best I can, but if it feels strained I jump off. And I don’t think there’s any harm in that.

I have found that Twitter is best for connecting with other bloggers and not as great of a tool to drive blog traffic (at least for me).

Pinterest has become my favorite way to spread the word about my blog because you don’t have to talk to anyone! Engaging with others works for them and more power to them for that. But this is supposed to be fun for me and sometimes chatting with others isn’t what I want to do.

It gives you a place to share your world

There’s something about people that makes them want to be known by others. I definitely feel that way. But when you feel more comfortable being at home snuggled up with a book than you do at a social gathering, having many others who know a lot about you is difficult.

Blogging gives me a voice in a comfortable setting. Thousands of people have read something on my blog since starting. That’s just cool!

I get to share my values, my stories, my life lessons with people who are going through some of the same things.

Never in real life would I have the same opportunity.

Here I’m able to dictate who’s allowed to respond back to me and create a safe environment to talk about what I want to talk about.

Spending too much time reading what other bloggers are telling you you have to do, you have to buy, etc.. really makes you feel like what you’re doing isn’t enough. And if you’re just looking to start, it makes you feel like you shouldn’t because you’ll never be enough.

You want your blog to be a fun experience. You don’t want to feel like it’s work all of the time, especially if you hold the hope like many of us that one day you can leave your day job behind and work for yourself online.

So as an introvert to another introvert, if you want to do it. Do it!

Do it on your terms, on the social media platforms of your choice, and embrace who you are.

Getting Started

Now if I’ve got you inspired to start a blog, here’s a few of the resources I used when getting my blog started.

If you’re looking to go big, you probably have already heard that self hosting your site is best for you.

I chose to buy my hosting and my domain separate from one another, so I could have more control over my domain name.

I got my domain name from Namecheap. It’s cheap and it’s super quick and easy to get set up. A domain is included for free in most hosting packages, but should I want to choose a new host I didn’t want to have any issues in switching my domain registrar. With Namecheap, you simply point your website name to your host and you’re good to go. If the host changes, you just make the change and you’re done.

For hosting, I went with a lesser known company with a great reputation for up-time. GreenGeeks provides all of the things the better known companies provide and they give back to the environment. Plus you can add a cute “This Website is Green” Badge, that you can find in my sidebar. So far I’ve had no problems with them being my host and I would recommend checking them out.

I’d also love to get connected with you if you’re looking for a blogger friend you can connect with me via the comments below, email, or any of the social media icons under my about me picture on the side of the page (or below the article if you’re on a phone!).

Starting a Blog as an Introvert
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27 thoughts on “Doubts And Perks Of Starting A Blog As An Introvert

  1. Oh my, we have the exact same doubts! I’m still getting the hang of everything and been wanting to push outside my comfort zone. If I’m being honest, this is the first time I’m even commenting on someone else’s post, ha. But you are so relatable to me, I just had to say something. This is a great post, and I’m so glad to see I’m not alone!

    1. Happy first comment! I wish you the best of luck with your blog!
      I’ve found it challenging but rewarding pushing outside my comfort zone here and I thought I couldn’t be the only one that felt that way online. Thank you for your kind words 😊

    2. Thank you for sharing this. I just launched my blog site last night and still have tons to learn. I’m an introvert and HSP. I want to be a blogger rather than my 9 to 5 job I do now.

  2. omg it sounds like you’re describing my life right now lol. from an introvert to another introvert ^^. i have thought about starting a blog to showcase my personality on, but like you just said, i am not the type that will speak out in front of a crowd, so then i think:”should a start a blog?” “is it worth starting? or am i wasting my time………………” and i play that little track on repeat. idk what to do!

    1. If it sounds like something you’d enjoy, go for it!
      I started by writing a few posts out to see if I’d have anything to say before investing anything. But I’m really glad to have this blog and the community that comes with!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. I really enjoyed this article! I go back and forth on whether or not to start a blog. Your article helped me to realize that I’m not the only introvert with a not so perfect life 😊

    1. Aw thank you for reading! It’s such a low risk thing, you know? I think if you have something to say you might as well try it out.

    1. Finally, I feel completely validated! I’ve been blogging four months and it’s been a wild growth experience so far. It has not come naturally, so it’s been hard work and a lot of doubt. I’d love to connect!

      1. Lots of hard work for sure. So many new things to learn, but fun! I’m trying to use Twitter to connect with other bloggers right now- if you have one follow me there! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  4. This is a wonderful post. More often then not I feel completely overwhelmed with social media. I try to be a social butterfly and grow my blog and influence, but having 4 kids and a house to maintain I get overwhelmed… Fast. It’s either my traffic is good and my house is a mess or my house is clean and my traffic plummets. I wish I could do it all but being an introvert, I get paralyzed by it all. ❤️

    1. I totally feel you. Without Pinterest I would have given this up from the get go I think. I fail so bad at Twitter and Facebook for blog promotion. Thanks for the Twitter follow, I followed you back!

  5. Thank you for this post. I’m an introvert as well. I get really bad social anxiety which causes me to stay home most of the time with my children. I never really thought about blogging either but the main reason I said I would try it out is that I don’t have to talk to anyone all I have to do is type! I love it. I’m almost 3 weeks into my blog and I love it. sometimes my anxiety wants to kick in whenever I have to send out emails to get viewers on my blog. But I have to keep saying to myself This is a process and it’s not going to happen overnight. But thank you again because finally, I found someone like me (The Quiet Mom) Check out my blog sometimes.

    1. Hi Shatara,

      When you see other bloggers it’s just like “wow they’ve got it all together and talking to others seems to come so natural!”, but I’ve gotten such great engagement with this post. I feel like there’s a lot of bloggers out there that feel the same way as us, but obviously we’re all too quiet to know about one another!
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I’ll definitely pop over to yours.

  6. Hi, this is a great post. I am introverted and get intimidated around new people. Your testimony encourages me alot.
    Has blogging changed you to be more extrovert you think?
    I haven’t started blogging but I have been thinking about it for a quite some time..need to push myself out of my comfort zone.

    1. Hi! Thank you.
      I definitely don’t think it’s changed how I am in real life, but it is fun having my own place online to share my opinions and have people really interested in reading them.
      If you’re really on the fence about blogging, start writing up posts to try it out. Once you’ve collected some and you feel good about your abilities it’s easier to take the leap and get a website to start posting them. I wish you the best!

  7. This spoke right to my heart! I’m pinning away and thinking about starting a blog. I haven’t given myself a start date yet- I’m still in the planning, thinking, and researching stage. Thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thank you, Megan! I did a ton of researching before starting and then just sat down to write. If I think too much about something I talk myself out of it.
      If you do decide to take the plunge, let me know of your opening! Good luck!

  8. Thank you for this; it’s helpful to know I’m not alone in my doubts or trying not to compare myself after reading “how-to” guides. There’s so much pressure, it feels, to do things at the same pace and same way other people do them. And the social media struggle is real!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog and social media other than Pinterest for the last couple months. It gets to be a lot sometimes.
      Your blog is super cool, I’m gonna have another look at the Stardew Valley recipes tonight!

  9. I’ve just launched a free blog to see how it goes, but your description is spot on as to why I’m hesitant to but a domain name and pay for hosting services! I hope I’ll get the confidence to go all in and upgrade my free site some day soon. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Allyson! I hope you get the confidence to jump in too. I’m happy that I went all in, it encourages me not to quit.
      I believe the web host I use gives free migration to their service. I’ve been with them for a year and almost a half and have no complaints, so I definitely recommend!
      Thanks for your kind words!

  10. Thank you for demonstrating that an introvert can in fact find their voice on a blog. Your style gives me hope. I’ve been trying to determine how to parse out my thought process, and you’ve mapped it out beautifully. THANK YOU!

    I feel like I’m part Irma Bombeck (look her up – she was hilarious), part don’t do what I do – a blueprint of how to FAIL relationship/select a husband and achieve a happily ever after. ETC, ETC.

    With lots of creativity tossed in to distract me…

    Great inspiration!

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