5th Month Blog Update

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This weekend marks my blog’s 5 monthiversary!

My blogging journey thus far has definitely been something unexpected. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and consistently writing a new post each week. I know that would have never happened had I not paid to become self hosted.

If my blog was free I would not have felt the push to post consistently this last month or so. I was losing my mojo. While I had ideas of what to write about, I was feeling major writer’s block every time I sat down to actually hash out any of these ideas.

This led me to make the decision to slow down. Blogging isn’t a race. As much as I want to continue to grow, this needs to be healthy for me. After months of pushing and pushing on Pinterest to get my blog seen, spending every weekend writing a new post, and trying to remain active on social media I was tired. I needed a weekend that I did nothing for my blog at all. But I wasn’t ahead at all and didn’t really allow myself that opportunity.

Other bloggers income and traffic reports start making you feel inadequate. All over Pinterest they brag about the $1,000 they made in their first month of blogging. But it’s just not realistic. They make you feel like you constantly have to be putting everything you have into your blog. You constantly need to be making huge strides forward.

Blogging is NOT a race!

It’s ok to slow down and take it at your own speed. It’s ok if you’re not making buckets of cash.

I needed to remind myself I’m not writing to sell people things they don’t need. I’m here to share my story, my experience, my advice.

This is supposed to be enjoyable and if I think about it on any other level than that I will end up running this thing into the ground long before my first year renewal comes.

While I am still determined to post weekly, I’m trying to not focus so much on the numbers.

In January, I was very successful on Pinterest. I was getting a minimum of 100 visitors a day, usually closer to 200, and one day I received over 500. But watching my Pinterest numbers soar made me complacent. I spent a couple days pinning less than I had previously had been and it was a huge mistake.

In February, my monthly viewers number on my Pinterest profile tanked from 490K to 420K. I’ve only just begun to stabilize the decline. For nearly a week it dove 10k a day. While this number is known as a vanity number the decline of it mimicked the decline in my blog’s traffic.

My traffic started only hitting 50 visitors a day and it became a struggle to reach 100 each day. This just fueled my lack of desire to work on blog stuff. By the end of February, I found that while my numbers did decline they didn’t tank as much as I thought from checking them on a daily basis. It was only about a 1,000 visitor dip, but it didn’t feel great.


Even though my traffic numbers fell, I did make some progress! Over the last month the number of people finding me from organic sources (Google) has doubled. I’m really excited to see some growth here. A couple months ago I discovered that this post could be found near the top of page 1 on Google for a couple different searches. I wrote that post because it was something I wanted to find when going through my mortgage process. It’s such a niche thing that not many people search for it, but I’m glad to have it out there.

For a long time that was the only thing being found on Google. In the last week or so, some of my blogging posts have been discovered on Google. I’m not sure where they rank, but I’m excited to have those clicks!

Another win during my slow time has been affiliate sales! I made my first sale a couple days after my blog turned 4 months. So this month I’m putting out a little income report!

Income Report

Because bloggers like to fudge their income numbers to make themselves appear to really be killing it, I want to be super clear.

This is the money earned total, but not yet paid out.
$50- GreenGeeks
$3.99- Google Adsense

My Adsense income is the running total since the beginning. I don’t use many ads on the site. When visiting other blogs I get very turned off by excessive ads. My total goes up a couple cents a day from my traffic levels. Occasionally ads get a click, but it’s not anything to be depended on.

I made a good size Modcloth sale, but it’s looking like a portion of it was potentially returned so this is a maybe income:
$5.24-FlexOffers (Pending)

Having only put $100 into my blog this far, I just made back half of it! Which is awesome. I had no expectations of this being a get rich quick kind of thing. My only hope was to put enough into this blog that I would be able to make back the original investment. I’m on a good path towards that right now.


I would like to get connected better into the blogging community. I feel so weird talking to people I don’t know that I’m still struggling with making those connections. I’ve interacted with a few bloggers on Twitter that I really like and would like to form more in depth relationships with. Fingers crossed.

Another thing I want to be better at doing is blog comments. These two things kind of go hand in hand. It’s really nice to get the notification that someone left a comment on your blog, so I really want to be better at getting leaving that kind of support for others.

5 Month Blogging Update
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