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Our culture brings us up to believe our wedding day above all else is supposed to be one of the most magical days of our lives. I however believe the marriage is far more important than the wedding day itself and chose to go small with our wedding festivities. And when I say small I’m talking me, my husband, an officiant, and a photographer small. We eloped!
We had a special day and I advocate to anyone who’s looking to get married that this is the way to go. Check out my 7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Eloping post if you’re still on the fence.

Since elopements are still not a very common choice, resources on putting one together don’t exist in much depth. When I’m about to do something big I like reading about other people’s experiences doing it too. Here’s what I wore and what I regret about picking out my wedding day outfit.

Whether you’re eloping in a courthouse or a small beautiful ceremony, it’s still your day and your outfit should be something you truly love.

What I Wore

Elopement outfit

I bought my elopement outfit at Modcloth. They have beautiful clothes that I knew I’d never bring myself to buy for everyday life, but since it was my wedding day I allowed myself to take that splurge.

The dress I chose because it was casual enough that I could wear it again to another formal occasion. It was also one of their cheaper selections and since I was a new college graduate barely squeaking out minimum wage at the time the cheaper the better!

I got married about 3 and a half years ago now, so they are unfortunately no longer selling this dress. However they have a lot of options if you’re looking for a non-traditional vintage-y style dress. I can’t remember if they had a section for it when I was shopping, but they now have quite a bridal selection. I’m in love with the gorgeous white/ivory lace fit and flare dresses they have. If I was picking today, I would definitely be choosing one of those.

The shoes actually cost about the same as the dress, but they were beautiful. I was obsessed with mint, so I was sold. They no longer sell this color anymore, but they do still have the same style in a variety of other colors here.

My Regrets

When I picked out my wedding clothes, I had a strict budget in mind. Because of this I ended up forgoing the accessories.

My husband loved the outfit I wore, but because it’s the only time in my life that I could have worn a more traditional wedding dress and veil I regret that I didn’t.

I didn’t go to prom in high school either, so I feel as though my one time to wear a big poofy princess gown has passed me by.

A part of me felt that a wedding dress and veil would have been out of place at our ceremony, but I think I was wrong there. If you feel like you’d like to still wear those things, definitely do. Don’t talk yourself out of it.

If I knew then what I knew now, I would have spent the money on a slightly fuller dress and worn some type of pretty hair accessory. I also would have picked up a bouquet of flowers. When I look at my wedding pictures I think that those few things are missing. Just an extra little pop to say, “THIS IS MY WEDDING DAY!”

For The Guys

As for my husband, I’m actually quite pleased with his outfit.

For him, we did a dress shirt with suspenders and a pair of dress slacks. Nothing too fancy, but not casual. This was important to me.

Picking out this outfit is fairly easy. Once you figure out how dressy your own outfit is going to be, what colors you want to incorporate into the theme, and where this is all going to take place- you just have to make him fit in.

We chose navy pants and a light blue shirt for him because of the color of my shoes. Blues and a rustic Vermont Inn were the only guidelines we were using to pull the clothing together.

My husband is no fuss on the matter. Basically anything I told him to wear he would have worn. His one input on the outfit selection was the suspenders. This worked for me because it split up his shirt without the use of a tie, which I felt would feel out of place, and contributed to the rustic wedding theme I had going in my head.

With all of my regrets about being perhaps a little too casual, we still are left with beautiful photographs and beautiful memories of our sweet day together. I am glad that I bought my outfit from a place that I adore, but can’t justify the cost for normally. I’m glad that my husband was able to wear suspenders like he loves and that we were able to pull together a nice coordinating look for our special day. Having the nice pictures to help us remember out day, is really what matters most in the end.

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