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Who doesn’t love a little treat in the mail every once in a while? With junk mail and bills being the only thing that seems to swamp our mailboxes these days it’s no wonder subscription boxes have become so popular. There are so many out there, it’s hard to know what is actually worth another monthly bill. 

A couple years ago I tried my first subscription service, Ipsy. A small makeup bag full of samplers. I used it for a couple months, but it wasn’t really something that I used so I cancelled it. Ever since I had looked for something to add a little excitement to my mailbox, but until recently hadn’t found anything worth it to me.

Then I discovered Love With Food. Boxes full of snacks for me to try.

Why would you be interested in this instead of heading to the store and picking up your tried and true favorites?

These snacks are marketed as healthy, with no added chemicals.

I don’t usually eat that well and as a picky eater I get nervous buying new things for fear of wasting my money when I take one bite and throw it out.

The appeal here is for me to be able to sample a variety of snacks that I’ve never seen before and hopefully find some better replacements to substitute my less than healthy faves.

Subscription Types

There are 3 different box choices available. Tasting, Deluxe, and Gluten Free.

I went with the deluxe box because at the time of purchase I had a coupon code to bring the price down. After receiving it though, I think it’s a good deal and am currently planning on continuing my deluxe subscription at full price.

Rewards Points

For each box you buy, you start collecting rewards points to redeem in their rewards pantry for extra snacks. It’s a cool little loyalty bonus that allows you a chance to buy some snacks that maybe weren’t in your box or something you want some more of.

International Shipping

Even though I’m in the US, I know I have readers from all over the world. If you’re reading from another country, this is not something to count yourself out on just yet. Love with Food currently ships to Canada, UK, Australia, and a good amount of European countries.

This could be a great opportunity to try foods that aren’t typically available in your country’s grocery store.

If this is something that interests you, check to see if your country makes the list.

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Unboxing Experience

When I got my box, my first thought was “DANG this thing is HEAVY!”. Which is definitely a good thing. It was packed full of a variety of treats.

Going through seeing all that I received felt like Christmas. And it just kept going and going. There was about 17 total food items in the box.

On top of the pile of food I now had, I also received a coupon for a free reusable straw and $100 off a wine purchase of $160 that made for a nice surprise. I’m not a drinker, so I don’t know what I would do with that much wine, but I like that these little extra came along in the box.

Love With Food August 2019 Unbox


I’m still working on munching my way through the snacks, but here are my thoughts so far.



I don’t know how I’ve never heard of these things before, but after eating the one that came with the box I headed to the cookie aisle in Walmart and found two flavors of it. And yes they both came home with me.

Probably still not the healthiest treat, but I’m loving these thin caramel snacks.

Appleways Apple Oatmeal Bar

Delicious oatmeal bar that has a great apple taste. This would make a yummy addition to my on the go breakfast, so I will need to check around to locate it in store.

Least Favorites:

The Clif Whole Lotta bar

My husband and I found this to be very dry and unappealing. The texture was what you’d typically find in the healthy bar type of snacks and is not a favorite of mine.

Orgain Chocolate Kids Protein Shake

This is advertised as a taste even kids love. I found it to have a weird background taste. I couldn’t convince the husband to try a sip, so this one got thrown out.

Sign Up Creative If you were looking for a way to spice up your mailbox once a month, I recommend giving Love with Food a try. I’ve tried about 7 of the treats in mine so far and am already looking forward to my box next month.

Love With Food Box Review
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