Most Popular Posts of My First Year

Most popular posts of my first year

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My first year blogiversary is quickly approaching and in honor of that I wanted to highlight some of my most popular posts.

After each month, I believe it’s a good thing to look back and see what is working and what’s not. Over the last year I’ve been tracking what was consistently bringing me traffic, what types of posts were making me some income, and figuring out how to use them as motivation for future posts.

7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Eloping

My venture to convince people to ditch overpriced weddings was a success. This post made up roughly 20% of my blog traffic with over 5,000 views. Seeing it’s success on Pinterest inspired me to write this post about finding the perfect elopement outfit and I’ve got another elopement post coming soon.

How We Handle Being a Saver Married to a Spender

Following about 1,000 views behind is my post about how my husband and I handle our spender saver dynamic. When I started this blog my intention was to focus greatly on personal finance. While this element isn’t going away completely, I ended up focusing on it a lot less than originally intended.

This post has become my most successful in the personal finance realm and I love it for that!

Things I Wish I Thought of Before I Bought a Fixer Upper

One of the first posts I wrote follows behind the last post by about 500 views. All about my experiences buying our first house. I think it’s safe to say a lot of people are looking into buying old houses.

I’m wanting to expand this category, but the nature of it heavily relies on my progress renovating this house. A task that is overwhelming and expensive.

House Goals for 2019

This is where the drop off happens with my house goals post bringing in 1,500 fewer views than my fixer upper post.

And if you’d like an update, we’re definitely not anywhere close to where I had hoped we’d be at this point. Car repairs took priority and so did my anxiety of people being in my house (so no electrician). Hoping to at least have our bedroom done some time this winter. When it’s done I’ll give you guys a look at the completed project.

Favorite Reads of 2018

Rounding out the list, we have one of my favorite posts with about 500 fewer views than the house goals. I talked my little sister into helping me write this post earlier this year (and have been trying to convince her to do another). I’m a book worm, heck I’m a wannabe book blogger. My enjoyment of writing about books and Rachel’s refusal to help me write another book list inspired me to write my summer book list.

It’s been fun to see the different things that end up pulling an audience consistently and I really think it’s different for everyone. Everything on this list and truly most of what I write comes from my personal experiences.

Living away from friends and family I have enjoyed getting to share my life with others. Even in a digital way.

If you’ve missed out on any of these posts, have a look!

Do you have a favorite category that you’d like to see more often? Let me know in the comments below.

Top 5 popular posts of my first year
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