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Kaity About Me

Hi! I’m Kaity. I am a young millennial who graduated college (at 19!) and promptly moved across the country to see if my relationship with my now husband would work out. You can read about my story here.

We have had lots of ups and downs in getting where we wanted to be, but in 4 years we had already checked off several of our adult goals. We got married, moved to my husband’s dream state, bought 2 cars and a house. My husband and I have been able to accomplish milestones many others in our generation crave, but are struggling to do and we did all of it on a below average income with minimal manageable debt.

About The Blog

Rainy Day Living is for young adults figuring out how to build a great foundation to their adult life.

Here you’ll find information about getting your finances in check, buying your first house, a bit of relationship advice, and inside peeks into my life.

If you live life for the rainy days- when they come along, they won’t feel so bad.

I hope to inspire you to achieve the adult milestones that you aspire to and provide all of the helpful info I’ve picked up thus far in my life.


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