The Pros And Cons of Buying An Old House

Pros and Cons of Buying an Old House

Are you on the market to buy a house? Congratulations! It’s an incredibly exciting and stressful time. There’s so many different options on the market from new builds, to newer houses, to older fixer uppers what you choose to look into would be based on your budget and the individual features of the houses inRead more

Small Details You Need to Find Out Before Making an Offer on a House

Small Details You Need to Find Out Before Making An Offer On a House

When it comes to doing something new I’m obsessive. Buying a house was no exception. I read everything I could find about buying a house- from blogs to professional opinion articles. Anything. Most have the same advise and focus heavily on either physical attributes of the house or general traits about the neighborhood like schoolsRead more

Our Experience with Fannie Mae’s Homestyle Loan

Our Experience with Fannie Mae Homestyle Loan

Are you considering buying your first house? There’s so much to learn. It’s insanely overwhelming. When we set out on our journey to home ownership I researched every mortgage program I could find. First time home buyer programs on the state and federal level, regular mortgage programs, and rehab loans. A rehab loan is aRead more