Indoor Hobbies To Try This Winter

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I don’t know about you, but here in Massachusetts it’s gotten chilly fast. As the weather starts to change I’m a little less inclined to be looking for outdoor activities and far more interested in staying warm indoors. I’ve always been an introvert, feeling more comfortable at home doing activities alone than out socializing andRead more

Marketable Skills You Can Gain From Blogging

Marketable Skills You Can Gain From Blogging

Before I started a blog, I was transfixed by all of the “How To Start a Blog” posts I could find on Pinterest. Often times they explained why they started, the steps needed, what some good reasons to do it would be, etc.. Usually how to make money from the blog was the common denominator.Read more

Why We Need More Movies Like Instant Family: A Review By A Former Foster Child

Instant Family review by a former foster kid

We were watching TV one night barely paying attention to the commercials when the Instant Family trailer came on. There’s a part in it showing a little girl calling Mark Wahlberg’s character ‘dad’ and the wife chasing behind her wanting to hear a ‘mom’. That caught my attention immediately. They had made a movie aboutRead more